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Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading

  • 50 min
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

This reading is packed with information starting with your last life and working your way back in time following the journey of your soul. Who you were and where you’ve been and applying it to the life you have today in a myriad of profound and interesting ways. Past life readings are done in two ways. Either I start with your last life and work my way back - tracing the path your soul has taken by looking at the incarnations that tell the story of who you are today. Or I have you pick a topic: like money, romance, child baring, health, a specific person, safety, phobias etc – and I look at the path your spirit has taken in relationship to that topic. I have the ability to clear Karma, update agreements, bring closure to past life relationships (even if they are in spirit form), and retrieve and heal stuck parts of a persons soul. When you clear up energy from past lives it’s easier to create what you want in present day. For example if you want to make money now, but you took a vow of poverty when you were a monk, clearing will help you create more money. When you smooth out the unconscious soul blocks from your spirit you can create what you want now with more ease. So whether you want to have an adventure and get more information on yourself or you want to heal an specific area of your life, these are amazing readings which will leave you inspired for years to come.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the appointment. Any time after there will no refund. On a separate note. If you book with the use of a credit card, the site charges me a $6.10 for your refund no matter when it happens. I pass this fee onto you when you cancel. This doesn't happen with paypal.

Contact Details


Southeast 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97236, USA

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