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Kawena Charlots Story

Kawena Charlot is the founder and director of the Intuitive Path Academy.  She’s a gifted psychic, medium and healer who founded the school in 2012. Her clients vary from stay-at-home-moms to TV Stars. She has assisted thousands of people reach their goals, heal, step up energetically and spiritually and enhance (or handle) their intuitive abilities. Her clairvoyant readings and healings are top notch. The powerful energetic tools she teaches have helped thousands of people manage their lives with more ease, heal and make powerful shifts in their lives.

Whether you want to a decision, talking to a loved one on the other side, or want to explore past lives – getting a reading or healing from Kawena is an enlightening experience that you will treasure. And if you want to manage and understand the energy around you and enhance your intuitive abilities she’s one of the best teachers you’ll find anywhere.

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