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Energy Healing

Energy Healing

  • 50 min
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

These healings are great if you want a deeper understanding on a situation, you feel stuck, blocked or want help creating or achieving in a certain area, your having a hard time with emotions, a relationship, or a traumatic event. You want to get over, past or through something or someone. Or if you want help setting energy and transforming your life into the one you want. I can read anything and I can move energy on any topic. People often report major shifts after one session. That being said, depending on the topic a few sessions might be needed to get to the root energy of the problem. How I heal you depends on what you are needing and wanting. I’ve helped thousands of people heal, move from one state to the next and transform their lives. Techniques I may employ are: * Clairvoyant feedback – this gives people a deeper understanding of what’s going on in their life, their energy field and their soul contracts. * Bringing Karma and Agreements with people and situations into present time. * Releasing blocked energy from past events, including childhood. * Re-programming – This involves isolating unhelpful thought patterns and self stories,   de-energizing them and  replacing the unhealthy story with one that will be more pro- active. * Releasing negative thought patterns and loops in your brain. * Past Life – Sometimes our past informs our present and when we heal this, we feel lighter and our lives make more sense. * Releasing negative entities if need be. * Helping people get more neutral to what it is that’s bothering them. * Moving Energy -I not only see what is happening with people. I help them move energy in their system that is blocking what they want to create. * Separating clients energy from the people and situations around them allowing them to more easily make decisions, feel clearer more energized. * Setting Intention – I guide and teach people how to intentionally set and create energy so that they can more easily create the life they want. I have seen amazing results with this. I offer both individual sessions as well as packages depending on your goals.  I work energetically and the quality of the healing is the same whether the person is present or on the other side of the planet. I work with people from all over the world via the phone and Zoom. I look forward to helping you.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the appointment. Any time after there will no refund. On a separate note. If you book with the use of a credit card, the site charges me a $6.10 for your refund no matter when it happens. I pass this fee onto you when you cancel. This doesn't happen with paypal.

Contact Details


Southeast 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97236, USA

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