What people are saying about Kawena’s classes and services:

Intuitive Meditation

“This class is full of tools that are helpful everyday for feeling more clear and revitalized. It’s amazing all of the different ways these tools can be applied to grow, to realize things holding you back, and to be empowered in your life. Thank you for teaching this!”
    L -Portland, OR

“I really enjoyed the class because it’s a fun time with lots of laughter. Kawena looks at every student personally to give each the best possible advice for their situation. It’s a good mix of learning, practicing and having a good time.”
    Marla -Portland, OR

“This class and the tools you have taught have changed me, helped me and guided me.  I will forever be thankful.  These tools are invaluable to my spiritual growth and happyiness.”
     Karily – Portland

“I think the most powerful thing about this course is how much your life changes by just taking the course.  I will be the first to say I didnt meditate every day… and yet strange and wonderful things started happening in my life.”
     S – Portland

“I can’t say enough good stuff about it! These tools will help me for the rest of my life – Awesome!!”
     K – Portland

“This class has changed my outlook on myself and what I surround myself with.  I thought it would take me months or years to bring myself back to the “light” and I have never felt better.  I feel like a whole new person.”
     J.D. – Salem

“One thing Kawena is a real master ast is using metaphors and demonstrations to help illustrate concepts – it’s not just lectures.  The opportunity to actually experience through inventive excersises really helps what might be an abstract concept to sink in and become second nature.”
     Robin – Portland

“The reason I decided to join this class was to find ways to navigate the extreme lows of the grief that I am carrying, because of the death of my girlfriend….   I don’t really think talking to a therapist is going to help me, because what the heck are they going to say that I can’t figure out on my own? …. I was not interested in the medication aspect of it because this is something *I* need to get through….

Anyway… your class has given me tools that I can use to help myself.  I tried your suggestion of using the havingness meter with grief/missing …  It really did help me quite a bit.  While I still miss her, it is much less intense.  It is kind of hard to explain, but if I had to try, I would say it is more along the lines of remembering fond times and missing those instead of being curled up on a ball on the floor in utter agony and despair with nowhere to go.  There were times this week when I have been the happiest I have ever been in about 5 years…I am very grateful that I have met you, and that I have been given the opportunity to learn these tools from you.  You are an excellent teacher, an amazing person, and a highly gifted psychic-medium.”
     Matt Tedford – Electrical Engineer Portland OR

“I enjoyed the course alot! Grounding has so impacted my life in a positive way. I feel so self empowered and look forward to using my “new” tools to move forward in my life, relationship, and career.  Oh and I lost weight because of it too.”
     AF – Portland Sales

“This class and you have been amazing.  I am a much happier person and more comfortable in my own skin.  My life is good, but you have helped me make it better.”
     JD – Portland

“I enjoyed the course a lot!  Grounding has so implacted my life in a positive way.  I feels so self empowered and look forward to using my ‘new’ tools to move forward in my life, relationships and career.  Ohh and I lost weight because of it too!”
     RW -Portland, OR

“I loved the class!  It was so much fun.  I feel like I’ve learned some really helpful tools, that I will continue to use.  I know this is just the beginning!  Thanks!”
    Erica -Portland, OR

“The class is very powerful in teaching meditations, grounding and getting what you want out of life.  Everyone deserves to be happy and enjoy abundance in all aspects of their lives.  This class assists in running positive spirit energy and focusing on what you want, asking for it, believing it and receiving it.  Thanks so much!”
     M. Operman

“After playing with one of the tools Kawena taught me in her class, I received a pay increase and a decent amount of stock.  It was a surprise and completely unexpected.  These tools work.”
     MT -Portland, OR

Energetic Healing

“The Healing Class was literally a game changer for me. I recommend this class to anyone. The tools you learn are a great addition of well-being and satisfaction in life, it really helped me.”
     Sofi – Portland, OR

“Amazing experience into a new realm of understanding and awareness. A must-do for anyone who has ever thought or wondered about the psychic arena.”
     Evan – Portland, OR

“Great experience! I was extremely skeptical for the first several weeks and was not sure I would take the second half. Then, I received a healing and my skepticism completely went away. I have been feeling the power of these headings which have helped me get through a very difficult time in my life that I may not have been able to get through without this clas. I am grateful and excited to take the meditation class.”
     Lynn – Portland, OR

“I loved this class…it was amazing to actually psychically feel the shifting of energy as we practiced with our classmates. It was nice to have the weeks in-between to really integrate everything we learned so that these healings just became a part of our daily lives. I loved the lightness of learning to work with energy. Each class was really fun and I always left feeling lighter and more free.”
    Jordenne R – Portland, OR

“I had no idea what this class was about. She was offering a free class so I took the opportunity to learn about it. It has been very interesting and helpful. It is also a huge relief to know that we are created to heal ourselves and help each other. This helped definitely helped me with my anxiety about the world and helped me to have confidence.”
     Elle – Portland, OR

“The tools I have learned are indescribable and I will use them for the rest of my life. My life has changed significantly since learning these spiritual tools and using them daily is an incredible experience. Kawena is so uplifting and fun and she makes the class a joy!”
     S  – Portland, OR

“I’ve taken mediation classes, learned Reiki, done theta healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Affirmations, and Qi Gong. All these have helped me tremendously. …Despite all the techniques I learned… nothing seemed to help me stay grounded for more than an hour.

Then I took Kawena’s Healing Class and WOW. Her technique of grounding WORKED. I was finally able to be at peace in a crowd of people. My performance at work improved and so did my relationships. Grounding energy, such a simple concept, with such profound effects. “
     Lina Seikh – Los Angeles, CA

“I loved, loved, loved, the Energy Healing Class.”
     Linda – Portland

“The class was exciting, fun and very informative.  Kawena is awesome!  And I reccomend the class for anyone who wants to be healed.
     Isaias – OR

I loved the healing class. In the healing class, I was able to move energy outside of my space, which allowed me to let things go that bothered me. I learned how to release the anger I felt inside my soul so it could no longer hurt me. In reality, we create our own anxieties, and once we learn to let go, we can heal ourselves more easily so we don’t have to hold on to negative emotions. I recommend this class to everyone! Thank you, Kawena!
     Vicky Rockey

Kawena helps bring you to another level, mind and spirit.  The tools she teaches have made a huge difference in my life and within me as a person.  I would recommend taking all or any of her classes.
     S – Portland

The Energy Healing class helped me balance and focus myself and my life more then I expected.
     Meg – Portland

“The healing class taught me how to become aware of the places in my spirit and body that needed attention and heal them. At the same time I have made some awesome new friendships.”
     John Henebre

“Kawena your classes and personal healing have changed my life so much it is beyond amazing. I’m 66 years old and it feels like my life has been very long and rocky road. I was even abducted into an abusive cult and brainwashed for 13 years. I had no idea anyone could do and teach what you do. Now with the tools I have learned from you I can clear myself from old mental habits from programs of fear and submission. I can protect myself and fill myself with peaceful and loving energy that is true to my heart. I can ground myself in all kinds of situations even like getting a flat tire on the freeway. And in your private healing you SEE so much that has been or is interfering with my energetic self and you clear all that away and teach me as you do it. You have really saved my life from a very downward spiral. Now I’m happy and strong and getting better all the time. Thank you so much! I know I will keep coming to your classes and recommending you to other people. You are also now a dear, dear friend. I wish much love to you always.”
     Carol Golden

“Learning these healing and meditation techniques has been life changing and very healing in many ways. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through this time in my life without what I learned and practiced every week.”

“This class has been a blast! I loved every minute of it.”

Attract Your Soul Mate Class

“This is a fun class – lots of laughing and very uplifting. The material was presented in a way that helped you build a foundation, then added layers to that foundation. There were many things that I will take with me and use in the future to help me grow, find a new relationship and new people in my life. “
     A – Portland, OR

“The skills I’ve learned in Kawena’s courses have changed my life. In this class, I’ve learned to let go of toxic past relationships in order to welcome in my soul mate. I’ve become more clear about what I want and verbalizing those needs. I will continue to jump on every opportunity to benefit from Kawena’s gift.”
     Katherine R – Portland, OR

“This class helps you face your fears and go beyond. We are just people looking for love so it helps you to be confident about drawing in the person for you and letting go of past hurts.”
     R – Portland, OR

Women’s Intuition Class

“This class is so powerful and helpful for women to understand and learn about how special female energy is and how to use our own high vibrational energy to heal and balance our lives. It also shows us how women and men are different energetic beings and gives clues as to how to understand and care for each other more effectively and lovingly”
     Carol – Portland, OR

“I wish the class was longer! The amount of energy I released was extremely helpful, but as with all of these classes – I just want to keep going!!”
     K – Portland, OR

“Great Class! I feel much more in touch with my feminine side. I loved the female grounding and running female energy. Also was great to learn about feminine and masculine energies. This class taught me how to love myself as I am unconditionally. Thanks for everything, Kawena!”
     B – Portland, OR

“I loved this class. Especially the people’s energy in the class! This is a game changer. I am finally feeling comfortable in my own skin.”
     G – Portland, OR

“This is a great class. I was able to learn so many helpful tools to assist me in my day and I feel energized and empowered. Thank you!”
     Missy – Portland, OR

“I really enjoyed the class. It was great to spend several weeks on women’s energetic issues. There is always something new to learn and always more energy to be released.”
     Chelsea – Portland, OR

What people are saying about her readings

“I have been truly amazed at what Kawena can see. During our sessions, there have been little things and major personal events that she was able to put together for me that made so much sense. These were things I had never seen as linked before and it really helped me grasp the bigger picture and major themes of my life. She has also been very encouraging about what I could create for myself. I have sent several friends to her and know I can rely on her in the future for intuitive coaching on any relevant matter.”
     MH – Los Angeles, Business Owner

“Its funny, after my first session with Kawena I thought she was full of crap. She had told me that my new business partner was dishonest and would be bad for my company. I thought the guy was great and the company would not be able to move forward with out him. Then a month later I caught him trying to embezzle our start up capital. Everything Kawena said about him was true. I have found working with her to be very useful.”
Jonathan M Los Angeles, Importer and Exporter

“After working with Kawena my panic attacks lessened. When we work together she is always really compassionate and funny and I never get the feeling that she’s judging me. She also helped me understand things about relationships that were fascinating and that I couldn’t have put together myself.”
     Natasha Hawaii, College Student

“Kawena has the ability to see people and situations very clearly. She’s a personal friend and I was really impressed by her ability to completely detach her personal views from my situation and simply look at the energy of it, which turned out to be very accurate. Her work is very helpful and insightful.”
    NS Los Angeles, Award Winning Production Artist

“After my father passed I got a reading and a healing from Kawena. I had been feeling physically ill and confused over the situation. After she worked on me I felt lighter, like a foggy cloud had moved away. Her insights were really helpful and the next day I started down the road of feeling better both emotionally and physically. Her methods work and I think shes very gifted.”
     Jennifer D. Los Angeles, Sales

“Kawena is a brave, skillful and insightful guide and mentor. She has an incredible ability to create and to foster and encourage the creativity of others. She’s helped get my energy moving so that I can become happier, more directed and unstuck. She works in a very core spiritual way. And the energetic tools she employs are an integral part of my everyday life. Im grateful to both the tools and to her.”
     Randy, Los Angeles, Professional Singer

“My work with Kawena was enlightening and I came away from it having a deeper sense of my life purpose.”
     Susan, HI, Artist