Student Readings

We offer free Clairvoyant Readings to those interested in learning about how clairvoyant development works and/or are interested in using energetic tools for healing and benefiting ones life. If you are interested in receiving useful information about yourself, current life situations, or relationships, we invite you to book an appointment.

The Clairvoyant Reading will consist of:

  • Two past lives.
  • The seven layers of your aura. Each layer corresponds with a different area of your life, often giving you much personal info.
  • Then the readers will answer two to three personal questions.
  • If you don’t have questions the students can instead provide energy work. If you would prefer this then inform the facilitator of this when you arrive.

These readings are not focused on “predicting” the future; instead we give you information and awareness so you can, in turn, make your own decisions and create the future you desire.

Practice Sessions are held every Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 (we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so everyone can start on time). The readings last an hour and a half and can be done either in person or via Skype.

A facilitator is always present overseeing the readings. Students range from fairly new (having only done a few readings) to graduates who have completed hundreds of them. Readings are often in a group being led by the students with more experience.

While readings are free, we do appreciate it if you make a $25 donation, if you can afford it, particularly if you are not currently enrolled in a training program.

Your reading experience will not only give you insight into how students learn to read clairvoyantly (yes it can be a learned skill), but will also hopefully provide you with some helpful information about your own life, your spiritual steps, and healing as well.

If you keep in mind these are students, then you will probably be pleasantly surprised as some are even better than many of the professional readers out there.

Thus, we invite you to take a step forward, receive a reading and learn more about psychic development in the process.

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In addition:

  • Please only book a reading if you can attend (unless of course there is an emergency). No shows take space away from others and create problems for the students and facilitator.
  • Please only book readings for yourself. If you know someone whom you think these readings would help, refer them to this page:  If they feel a reading is right for them they can sign up.
  • Unless you are a student then please only book one reading a year.
  • If you want a Skype reading then please make a friend request no later then the morning of your reading, to
  • Readings take place at 1535 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 If you are receiving an in person reading, arrive 10 minutes early and wait in the lobby.  The facilitator will great you and lead you to the reading room.


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Thank you!

Staff at The School of Intuitive Living
1535 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97214