Kawena Charlot is a talented psychic-medium, energy healer, and instructor. Kawena operates out of Portland, Oregon, and works with clients globally. Kawena provides a dynamic range of psychic services including psychic readings, energetic healings, and intuitive counseling. In private sessions with clients, Kawena helps with spirit removal, spirit communication, chakra healing and so much more. Kawena offers classes for people located in Portland, Oregon, that want to learn how to meditate, how to become psychic, and how to develop psychic abilities. Kawena offers services that help you in take a huge step towards self-empowerment. Visit www.kawenacharlot.com and learn more about Kawena’s services such as psychic reading, energy healing, spiritual life coaching, or classes giving you Intuitive Living tools for overcoming stress and manifesting the life transformation you desire.


Schedule an appointment for:

  • Energetic Healing/Counseling – $150 / hour.
  • Psychic Reading – $150 / hour
  • Mediumship Focused Reading – $200 / hour for first visit.


  •   Intuitive Meditation Class Part I (Promotional Rate) – $185.
  •   Intuitive Medication Class Part I – $225 Investment for five-week session

  •   Energetic Healing Class I (Promotional Rate) –  $185 for six-week course.
  •   Energetic Healing Class I – $225 for five-week session.
  •   Woman’s Intuition – $150 a month / which averages out to 37.50 a class

For Practical Intuition classes, payment is for the each five-week series. If you miss a class then you will receive an audio copy of the day you missed.