I assist people in focusing in and taking the steps they need to realize and achieve their intentions.


I help people heal and transform their lives. I do this both by giving individual sessions and working with clients over a longer period of time.

Some of the techniques that are employed during these sessions are:

  • Clairvoyant feedback – this gives people a deeper understanding of what’s going on in their life, their energy field and their soul contracts.
  • Moving Energy – I not only see what is happening with people. I help them move energy in their system that is blocking what they want to create.
  • Separating clients energy from the people and situations around them allowing them  to more easily make decisions, feel clearer more energized.
  • Bring Karma and Agreements with people and situations into present time.
  • Re-programming – This involves isolating unhelpful thought patterns and self stories,  de-energizing them and  replacing the unhealthy story with one that will be more pro-active.
  • Inner Child/Soul Integration – This involves healing core issues and integrating them back into the larger self.
  • Past Life – Sometimes our past informs our present and when we heal this, we feel lighter and our lives make more sense.
  • Mediumship – Receiving communication and healing relationships with those that have past on can help you release past issues and hurts and move you towards a more productive, present-time life.
  • Setting Intention – I guide and teach people how to intentionally set and create energy so that they can more easily create the life they want. I have seen amazing results with this.

Healing and Counseling

I offer individual sessions as well as packages.  I work with people on an energetic level and it makes no difference in the quality of healing if you are physically present or a 1000 miles away.  I work with people from all over the world via the phone and Skype. Contact me and together we can explore if this is a mutual fit.

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3 Month Energy Healing Package – Includes 3 hour-long sessions. 3 thirty-minute phone sessions. 6 email questions.

6 Month Energy Healing Package – Includes 6 hour-long sessions, 6 thirty-minute phone sessions.  12 email questions.

12 Month Energy Healing Package – Includes 12 hour-long sessions. 12 thirty-minute phone sessions. 24 email questions. Also includes audio of 12 pre-recorded meditation classes.

In Addition…

If you invest in a package after your first reading or healing the price of that initial session will be applied towards your package.

Feel free to call (310-592-3141)  and do a free phone consultation if you are interested.









My healings and readings are spiritual and energetic in nature and are meant to be used as a part of a your healing regimen.   Though I am happy to give persons who are ill a reading/healing.  I cannot make any claims to being able to heal or cure any diseases or physical or mental issues (this is by law,) although most people find these services helpful.  If you are in pain it is recommended that you consult with a doctor.