Clairvoyant Program

The Clairvoyant Program is a powerful psychic development course that focuses primarily on clairvoyant or the ability to “see” and “read” energy in the form of movie like visions, images, pictures, colors and symbols.

Everyone has psychic ability, it is a part of our birthright as humans.  One just needs to learn how to tune your body/instrument to different frequencies.  Frequencies many of us knew as children but have since forgotten.  Much of psychic ability boils down to forming a different relationship to energy.

By learning how to “see”, “feel” and “move” energy through reconnecting to your psychic abilities/psychic development; you are also learning how to “see”, “feel” and “move” the energy in your own life.

This is an alchemical and transformative process.  By which you gain the tools to more effectively create the life you want to live. Plus it’s pretty magical and a lot of fun.

There is no dogma to this training.  When you learn to “read” energy – you are learning how to ask and receive your own answers.  This ability can be used for many practical as well as spiritual questions.  You can just as easily ask “What is the purpose of my life?” as you can “Is my boss going to give me a raise?” or does “my dog have a headache?”

By physically “feeling” energy you learn how to heal yourself and others.  By feeling and understanding the energy around and in you, you learn how to differentiate between what is your energy and emotions and what is everything else. And through this deeper understanding of energy, the goal is to start feeling calmer, happier and more in control.

By learning how to “move” energy – you learn how to release limiting thought patterns and re-program yourself, thus creating a more happy, joyful and passionate experience. You will step into consciously creating the life you want.

While there isn’t a specific dogma attached to this training – there are certain spiritual and energetic principles you can learn which will help you play the game of life more effectively.  Learning this psychic/energetic skill set develops a model for creating healthy relationships, a fulfilling career and a healthier body.

The Clairvoyant program is roughly one and a half year long program (including beginning courses) offered to those who are committed to developing their psychic abilities and using their clairvoyance to live a more fulfilling, creative life.

Once students move beyond the introduction classes they attend an all day weekend class at the beginning of the month and also participate in weekly practice sessions and lectures. Field trip opportunities will also be made available. The emphasis of this course is on doing. The more active you are in the program, the greater benefits you receive.

The following are a few of the things you’ll learn during the course of the Clairvoyant Program…

You’ll learn to read yourself and others clairvoyantly, (which will give you an advantage in a million different situations), read past lives, and life paths, dramatically raise your ability to meditate (even if you’ve never done or enjoyed this before) and raise your frequency. You will learn how to heal and be healed, create your life with more ease, create and de-energize mental pictures, define and protect your aura and energy field.  Learn to communicate with spirit and healing guides, deceased loved ones, and how to deal with troublesome energies. You will learn how to clear your chakras, energy channels, telepathic channels, cut chords and release other people’s energy. Learning how to read and heal houses, businesses and objects as well as remote viewing will also be a part of the curriculum. You will experience astral travel, being in neutrality, learn how to clairvoyantly trouble shoot, going to and reading the Akashic records. This list by no means covers all that is being taught.  The Clairvoyant Program covers much, much more.

This program offered in three phases. It’s best to be taken in order as the tools build upon themselves.

Below is a basic overview of what the Clairvoyant Program offers.  You can start by taking Practical Intuition I & II and Healing I & II.

Students gain a deeper understanding of the tools they learned in the first course.  They also start to gain an understanding of what’s their energy and information and what’s everything else.  The process of shedding the old ways of being and stepping into a new life really begins.

Advanced Clairvoyant
Students learn very specific and powerful tools to control and protect their energetic space. They learn how to re-program at a core level. They start to gain seniority over the world around them.

There are a few tenants that I like to operate under.

  • Clarity is more important than complexity. These tools are taught in the simple, fun, the non-judgmental environment of kindergarten. While these tools are extremely powerful, the simpler I present them, the easier they are to grasp.
  • I don’t tell you that there is “A” particular way to go through life or “A” philosophy that you have to believe in. Your answers for your own life are going to be better than anyone else’s anyway. What I do is teach you tools so you can find your own truth and grow spiritually.  What I do is create a fun, safe and spiritually connected place, for you to learn and explore in.  As a gifted psychic I can “see” what’s going on with you on a deep level, which helps me to better validate and support your journey every step of the way.
  • Learning psychic abilities and growing spiritually together in a group creates community and a more powerful experience. You will not only have my support but the support of your fellow students, who are going on parallel journeys.

Goals/Objectives of the Program
After completing the entire program, the goal is for you to learn how to:

  • Clairvoyantly read yourself & others
  • Clairvoyantly read and heal relationships and any situation in your life
  • Understand what is your own energy and story and what is the foreign energy in your space.
  • Learn how you are already using your psychic abilities all the time, and how these influence your thoughts, emotions, relationships and overall reality.
  • Combine all your psychic abilities such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, telepathy, mediumship, healing, creativity, etc.
  • Understand how a clairvoyant reading is spiritual communication
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Protect your body, spirit and aura in any situation
  • Work with the spirit world to access information and healing.
  • Instantly shift your energetic vibration
  • Make immediate and permanent changes
  • Exchange negative emotional and mental states for positive ones
  • Empower yourself in every aspect of life – at home, work, in relationships and family
  • Exchange old, destructive patterns with healthy ways of being
  • Integrate your spiritual goals with the rest of your life.
  • Become a more balanced, creative, healthy, happy, human being!
  • Clear out your psychic/healing centers to expand your abilities.
  • View and clear your own aura/energy field.
  • Heal the individual layers of your aura.
  • Learn techniques that will help you manifest your goals, let go of what doesn’t work in your life, and bring in what you want.
  • Develop a deeper connection to the Divine.
  • Have fun!

Who is this program for?
This program is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what job you have or how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you see spirits or if you don’t think you have a psychic bone in your body (although I promise if you complete this program you won’t have a doubt about that). You don’t need any previous experience to take this course.  All you need is an open mind, the willingness to play, explore, be focused, be supportive, concentrate and follow simple instructions.

Can I use these skills in my everyday life? What can I do with these skills?
Yes! There are a million ways you can use these skills once you learn them. You can tell if someone is upset with you and why.  You can tell if someone in business or your personal life is lying to you. You can learn to heal yourself from old emotional wounds and physical disease before they get locked in your body. You can get answers to a million different questions. The way people use these tools is endless and I have watched students create miracles. In this last year alone I have had students: get raises, turn companies around, create relationships, overcome depression, lose 80 pounds, heal themselves physically, heal themselves from having panic attacks, heal their families, have their senses of smell, hearing and taste become more acute. The list goes on and on.  Once these tools become a habit using these senses become as natural as seeing or smelling. And you know how beneficial those senses are.

This training has helped many people from many walks of life.  It can help you too. So tap into your personal power, take a step forward and create the life you want.

Classes are held at:


If you have any questions about money, time, what will be learned, if it’s right for you personally, then feel free to call 310-592-3141.

If you would like to get a feeling for the energy of the class or ask your questions in person then you are welcome to audit the first day of Practical Intuition I or Energetic Healing I. Do keep in mind though that class size is limited and registered students get first priority.

Kawena Charlot is a highly gifted psychic-medium and energy healer.  Kawena is located in Portland, Oregon, and works with clients from around the world.  Kawena offers a wide range of psychic services ranging from psychic readings, energy healings, and intuitive counseling.  In Portland, Oregon, Kawena offers in-person classroom instruction to students interested in psychic development and psychic training as part of the Clairvoyant Program..  Students learn how to meditate, learn chakra healing and other energy healing techniques on the road to developing advanced psychic abilities – such as past life reading!  If you are interested in alternative health, metaphysics, intuitive living, or spiritual growth – visit to learn more about class offerings from Kawena Charlot that will help you to manifest the life you want.