Kawena Charlot is a highly gifted psychic-medium and energy healer.  Kawena is located in Portland, Oregon, and works with clients all over the world.  Kawena offers a wide range of psychic services including psychic readings, energy healings, and intuitive counseling.  In one-on-one sessions with clients, Kawena can help with spirit removal, spirit communication, chakra healing and much more.  Kawena offers several in-person classes for people located in Portland, Oregon, that want to learn how to meditate, how to become psychic, and how to develop psychic abilities.  Kawena offers many services to help you in taking a step towards self-empowerment.  Visit www.kawenacharlot.com to learn more about her services such as psychic reading, energy healing, spiritual life coaching, or classes giving you Intuitive Living tools for overcoming stress and manifesting the life transformation you desire.

When I was a child I never said, I want to be an intuitive. My original goals were more artistic in nature and I pursued those dreams with enthusiasm and success. But looking back over my life it sometimes seems as if this path was a bit fated.

At birth my grandfather named me Kawena, the same name as a powerful Hawaiian priestess. I grew up in the islands and was raised on land so sacred that it was the chosen place for kahunas to teach the alii (Hawaiina royalty). That land taught me much, as did my family.

Everyone in my family saw spirits. For us they were as common as a passing storm: footsteps down halls, balls of light flitting around beds, glowing winged dudes hanging on the porch. Never did our parents or the community judge or imply that what we were seeing wasnt real. Witnessing the other side was just an accepted part of our world and the world of many on the island.

A life long intuitive, I connected more strongly with my abilities 7 years ago when I taught myself a form of body centered meditation. Suddenly, as if a pair of glasses were put in front of my eyes, I started seeing things more intensely. With a desire to control my energetic space, heal and hone my abilities, I began studying at The Southern California Psychic Institute and I never left. Amongst many other courses I graduated from a two-year clairvoyant training program.

I have an eclectic background and have a long history with both business and the arts.

I have spent years in sales and marketing, both as a field agent and as a manager. And I also have a BA in theater and film from UCLA. Acting taught me much about emotion, motivation, body connection and the human condition. I have studied a lot of psychology and spent seven years in therapy while on my own journey of healing. In addition I have participated and studied various walks of spirituality from Christianity to Eastern practices. I have met and or practiced with shaman in the Amazon, kahunas in Hawaii and monks in Nepal. I have lived in Europe and New Zealand and have traveled, studied and practiced in Central and South America, Fiji, Australia, Nepal and India.

I have found that the clairvoyant teachings offer a synthesis and a spiritual purity that create a container for all practices. There is no dogma, no religion, only the tools to see universal answers for yourself.

I can ask any question. I can look at anything.

The clairvoyant tools have taught me how to release my energetic and mental blocks with more ease and humor and to create the life that I want more effectively. My goal is to help other people on the same path.