I assist people in focusing in and taking the steps they need to realize and achieve their intentions.

Kawena Charlot is a highly gifted psychic-medium and energy healer.  Kawena is located in Portland, Oregon, and works with clients from around the world.  Kawena offers a variety of psychic services including psychic readings, energy healings, and intuitive counseling.  During private sessions with clients, Kawena can help with spirit removal, spirit communication, chakra healing, look at your questions clairvoyantly, and much, much more.  Kawena has several class offerings for students located in Portland, Oregon.  Kawena’s classes are sought after by people that want to learn how to meditate, how to become psychic, and how to develop psychic abilities.  Kawena broad range of classes and services will help you in taking a step towards self-empowerment.  Visit www.kawenacharlot.com to learn more about Kawena and the services she provides:   psychic reading, energy healing, spiritual life coaching, and classes giving you Intuitive Living tools for overcoming stress and manifesting the life transformation you desire.

If you are ready to look at your situation, overcome your obstacles, grow and progress towards a fuller richer life, then I can help you through:

· One on one personal counseling
· One on one psychic readings.
· Corporate consulting
· Physical Clearings

By changing your energy and the way you look at things you will change your life.